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Weekly Show with teaching from Philip D Cameron and a focus on his mission work to Eastern Europe rescuing orphan’s from being caught up in human trafficking.

Daily Faith with Philip Cameron: Guest Bishop Tony Miller

January 13, 2021

We have an incredible show for you today on Daily Faith! This simple, yet powerful Word of God was released through our anointed guest, Bishop Tony Miller. Bishop Miller would like to help you understand the times we are living in. The importance of discerning the voice of God in the midst of the chaos around you. Right now, as Christians, we have the greatest opportunity to see a mighty move of the Holy Spirit all across America, but it’s up to the church to rise to the occasion. The devil is the author of chaos and confusion, and he will stop at nothing to get you distracted with fear and worrying about what you can’t control. But rest assured that our God is still in control, sitting on the Throne in heaven, and nothing has caught Him by surprise. God knows what’s next He is looking for who’s next.