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Weekly Show with teaching from Philip D Cameron and a focus on his mission work to Eastern Europe rescuing orphan’s from being caught up in human trafficking.

Daily Faith with Philip Cameron: Guest Myles Holmes August 6th

August 6, 2020

We are living in a time of the Prophetic and Profane. Both of these are playing against each other. There is a spiritual battle that has been raging in this country for a while now and the spirit of fear has been released and it’s spreading around from the enemy that’s trying to grip you and keep you silenced, but the church needs to use the voice God has given us and fight for the future of America. Philip and Pastor Myles Holmes believe that the church is living an extreme time in America and the devil wants nothing more than to destroy the church. If he can take our voice then we are gone. We believe that God is looking for men and women across this land to stand up and be a David and take this country back by the Word of God and move of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is on the side of truth and life and we need to choose today whom we will serve. America, we need to wake up before it’s too late. It’s time for a revival in the church! “...But he who endures to the end shall be saved...” Matthew 24:9-14