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Weekly Show with teaching from Philip D Cameron and a focus on his mission work to Eastern Europe rescuing orphan’s from being caught up in human trafficking.

The Positioning of God

April 5, 2022

On Daily Faith, we have Pastor Derek Draughon with us sharing a nugget of wisdom from the heart of the Father. Pastor Derek is the Senior Pastor of Saraland First Assembly in Saraland, AL, and he is the host of Fuel Cast. A show designed to encourage and bring understanding to the hearts of men towards the Father. Today, Philp and Pastor Derek want you to know the heart of the Father for your life in the season that you’re in. Remember that the enemy uses fear as God uses faith. The season around you doesn’t have to dictate the season you’re in; that is God’s decision. No matter how hard the waves and the winds are crashing against you, the boat you’re in has its own environment because Jesus is in the boat with you. God often uses these storms to create a greater purpose for your destiny. This season may not feel like a blessing at the moment, but be still. God is working during this storm and has positioned you for greatness. Although the waves and winds are tossing you about, speak the name of Jesus and be still. God not only calms the seas but stops the winds from howling. For more information about Saraland First with Pastor Derek Draughon, please visit www.saraland.church. To hear the latest episode of Fuel Cast, visit www.fuelcast.tv


In Moldova, due to poverty, alcohol abuse, and the lack of social support, these kids are faced with fears and hardships that no one should ever endure. This bankrupt country is now caring for refugees who are, too, without hope and fearful of the next day. For over thirty years, The Orphans Hands ministry has helped save countless children from a life of abandonment and the risks of human trafficking. When these kids “graduate” from the orphanage at sixteen, they are kicked out and forced back into devastation, leaving them desperate for a better life. We have a Village of Homes in Moldova called Vatra Village, where we care for and teach them about Jesus, and they discover who He created them to be. Sons and daughters of the Kingdom.


During this war, the Russians have taken over our home in Odessa, Ukraine, yet our kids who lived there are safe at Vatra Village. They have endured many of life’s storms, but God has prepositioned them to be a blessing in the season they are in. They are missionaries for Jesus. Currently, our kids are tirelessly traveling to the border of Ukraine, giving and sharing food, warm blankets, and praying with the refugees in hopes of bringing about God’s peace in this storm. Thank you for your generous support! To learn more about how you can give a Mercy Gift to help The Orphans Hands Ministry reach those in need, please visit www.theorphanshands.org